English Classes

English Classes

Our English classes are mainly done as private lessons but could be organised in collective classes if the number of students allows it.

English interactive courses offer the best learning procedure, making sure that we satisfy all needs and wants of our students in terms of grammar, spelling drills, improving structure & communication. Learning English with us gives you the full desire to continue learning English. The term (session) which is equal to each level takes a duration of ten weeks i.e two & half months. 

All our interactive classes are either online or onsite.

The classes concentrate on the following skills:

o Reading Comprehension

o Listening Comprehension

o Written Expression

o Oral Expression


In case if you have done French before we encourage you to book for your assessment with our course coordinator via courses@afgaborone.org


We have 4 sessions (term) per year. Ten weeks per session.

• January – April
• April – July
• July – September
• October – December

Mondays/Wednesdays or Tuesdays/Thursdays

09h00 – 11h00 or 17h30 – 19h30 (30hrs)


Registration fee: P300

Tuition fees: 


The material for the class is on sale in our offices at P450.00 for a set of 2.

Payments 100% before classes begin.


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