Distance Learning

Diploma / Degree / Master Programs

Update your qualifications with our budget-friendly FLE & SDL Diploma/Degree/Masters programs.

o   Who? Everyone who wants to become a French teacher.

o   Where? At the University of Rouen via the internet at your location.

o   How? Courses delivered 100% online. A stable internet connection is required.


  • To be a high school graduate or at least form 5 completing student who wish to train as a French teacher
  • To have at least B2 DELF level in French
    To have a stable internet connection
  • To send the following documents: Typed & updated French CV (2 pages max), French motivation letter, certified ID documents; passport photo (soft copy), certified and translated copies of academic certificates (CertED/DipEd/PGDE).
Distance Learning

DELF B2 is a minimum entry requirement

***Exams written at the AFG ( where applicable)

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