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Our French international exams the DELF (Diplôme d’Etudes en Langue Française) and the DALF (Diplôme Approfondi de Langue Française) are the high-profile certificates in French as a foreign language offered by the French Ministry of National Education. These are lifetime and internationally recognized certifications.

The stated diplomas constitute recognition of your learning in school, university, and professional career in French speaking countries.

All our tests & exams have four competences:

1. Listening comprehension
2. Reading comprehension
3. Written expression
4. Oral expression


i) Delf Prim

Kids of 7 – 12 years @ primary level. A1.1 – A2

ii) Delf Junior

Teenagers of 12 – 17 @ junior schools. A1 – B2

iii) Delf/Dalf Tout Public

Everyone from 18 years & above. A1 – C2

Delf level B2, Dalf C1 & C2 allows you to study/work in a French speaking country.


  • Delf Prim – P585 / 600.00. 
  • Delf Junior A1/A2 – P585.00 / P680.
  • Delf Junior B1/B2 – P650.00 / P745.
  • Delf Tp A1/A2 – P750.00 / P860.00.
  • Delf Tp B1/B2 – P800.00 / P920.
  • Dalf Tp C1/C2 – P850.00 / P985.

Tef (test d'évaluation du Francais) & Tcf (test de connaissance du Français)

i) e-Tef

Evaluation of French level A1 – C2 @ P3700.00.

ii) e-Tcf / Tcf on paper

Knowledge of French level A1 – C2 @ P2900.00.

Just like DELF/DALF, Tef (Test d’évaluation du Francais) & Tcf (test de Connaissance du Français) allow you to study, work and immigrate to any French-speaking country though they differ in that the certificates are valid for only 2 years. Note that those are tests on request. For more information email courses@afgaborone.org.

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